Board Nominees for 2023

The following individuals have been nominated to be elected as members of the Board of Directors for the Missoula Bicycle Club. All listed nominees have accepted their nominations and have met all qualifications as specified in the MBC Bylaws. If a nominee has submitted an MBC Board Member Application Questionnaire, a link to the questionnaire will be provided. Current Board Members who are nominated will be listed as "incumbent". This list will be actively updated as we receive additional qualified nominees.

Nominees in alphabetical order:

  1. Carl Ammons - incumbent -Application Questionnaire 
  2. Rodger Gerhart - incumbent -Application Questionnaire
  3. Greg Hejtmanek - incumbent - Application Questionnaire
  4. Paul Reneau - incumbent
  5. Jack Scholl - incumbent - Application Questionnaire
  6. Bob Wachtel - incumbent - Application Questionnaire

Online nominations will be closed at 5:00 PM on Monday 10/24/2022. If you would still like to nominate yourself or another individual please attend the Members' Meeting Saturday, 10/15/2022 at 1:30 PM at Silver Park East Shelter.

The election of Board members for 2023 will be held during our October 25 members' meeting. This meeting will be held on Tuesday, 10/25/2022 at 7:00 PM via Google Meet. Please check the Meeting webpage and RSVP if you plan to attend if you are a current member of MBC. Your participation is needed.

MBC Bylaws Section 3.3 "At the October members’ meeting, each full member present shall vote for as many of the nominees as there are positions to be filled, and the nominees who receive the most votes shall be elected as the directors." The 11 individuals who receive the most votes will become our Board of Directors for 2023 beginning at the end of the October 15th meeting. If we have fewer than 11 nominees, a single slate of nominees will be presented for yes or no vote by each member present.

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