Jersey Order

Thank you for your interest in the new MBC Jerseys for 2023. 

If you are not "Signed in" for this session, please use one of the buttons to the immediate right or at the bottom of the page (below the "SUBMIT YOUR JERSEY REQUEST" button) to "Sign in with:" your choice of your Facebook, Twitter or email account. If you have not previously created a password protected profile on our website this will allow you to do so. Signing in with your individual password will ensure that your transactions will be tracked correctly to you. You will not be able to access the Jersey Payment page unless you are signed in on the website. Please use an email address that you have previously used on this website.

We hope that you have had a chance to attend one of our sizing sessions, and determined the best size(s) for you. As a reminder of the available sizes please refer to the size chart below. Details about new sizing sessions on the "RIDE AND EVENT LIST" page. Please note that all orders must be completed by 12 noon on Wednesday, 3/22/2023 to ensure that you will receive the size(s) that you desire. Current jersey price is $35.00 for MBC members and $50.00 for non-members. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact our Treasurer. Pre-payment is required to confirm your order.

When you have verified your chest measurement, select the corresponding Owayo size(s) and quantities you want to purchase, enter the information in the box provided using this format; # "of size" #, for example: ("2 of size 4, 1 of size 8, 1 of size 10" to order a total of 4 jerseys of indicated sizes). Please make note of the total number of jerseys you are ordering. You will be asked to perform some arithmetic on the next page.

If you have signed in with your password, your contact information will be filled in. If your contact information is not filled in, please create a password protected profile on our website or sign in to allow the system to collect your contact information. After verifying your contact information, click on the "Submit purchase request" button. You will then be directed to our "Jersey Payment" page to complete your purchase by submitting your payment information.

When checking for the correct size, wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your chest. Make sure that the tape measure is straight, parallel with the floor and not pulled too tightly. 

**Several members of the Jersey Committee have had the opportunity to check the sample jerseys and found that their optimum size is one size larger than the size chart below. Please try to attend one of the sizing sessions to confirm your selection.

Owayo Size 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Chest circumference in inches 32.25-33.75 33.75-35.5 35.5-37 37-38.5 38.5-40.25 40.25-41.75 41.75-43.25 43.25-45 45-46.5 46.25-48 48-49.5


If you find a need to change your order prior to receipt of your jersey(s), you can submit that change here by preceding the quantity and size information with "Change my order to: # "of size" # for example: ("2 of size 4, 1 of size 8, 1 of size 10" to order a total of 4 jerseys of indicated sizes)." in the submission box below. We will monitor all submissions and honor the latest request for each individual. Again submit all orders or order change requests prior to 12 noon on Wednesday, 3/22/2023.


  • Milton Clark
    commented 2023-03-20 21:34:02 -0600
    One jersey size 10, please
  • Dirk Visser
    commented 2023-03-20 16:20:46 -0600
    1 Jersey Size 10
  • Dale Mayer
    commented 2023-03-18 17:45:31 -0600
    I would like one jersey – size ten
  • Rodger Gerhart
    commented 2023-03-18 15:01:22 -0600
    1 size 8 please
  • Paul Reneau
    commented 2023-03-17 15:47:08 -0600
    Please change my order from 1 x size 10 to 1 x size 12.
  • Paul Reneau
    commented 2023-03-15 11:21:38 -0600
    1 of size 12
  • Phill Guay
    commented 2023-03-14 18:11:55 -0600
    1 size 10
  • James Mocabee
    commented 2023-03-10 09:37:18 -0700
    1 size 10

    1 size 8
  • Brian Avery
    commented 2023-03-06 11:15:59 -0700
    1 jersey in size 6
  • Jeff Coward
    commented 2023-03-03 17:48:02 -0700
    One jersey, Owayo Size 6
  • Bob Wachtel
    published this page 2023-03-03 14:15:10 -0700
  • Bob Wachtel
    commented 2023-03-03 14:01:11 -0700
    Change my order to: 1 of size 8
  • Bob Wachtel
    commented 2023-03-03 13:57:00 -0700
    Change my order to: 1 of size 8
  • Paul Reneau
    followed this page 2023-02-24 15:44:26 -0700
  • Carl Ammons
    followed this page 2023-02-24 15:44:10 -0700