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    Spring Rides by the Missoula Bicycle Club

    With improving Spring weather 2 of our ride leaders Jach Scholl and Lech Szumera will be starting us off with rides on Saturday 4/27 and Sunday 4/28. See more information on our Rides and Event page.

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    Propose a bike ride

    Please use the "Make a ride proposal" area below to describe the ride you are proposing. Please read the Ride Leader Guidelines if you are interested in leading a ride.

    Your announcement must include – Ride name, date and start time, miles, pace, gathering place, social event (restaurant, coffee shop), leader's name & contact info: mobile phone number and email address. If you have photos of the ride area or previous rides on this route that you would like to share, please let us know and we will let you know where to send them. Please use the following format as closely as possible. You can copy and paste the bulleted list to the response area.

    • Ride name:  
    • Date:  
    • Start time:  
    • Gathering place (complete address if possible):  
    • Distance in miles:  
    • Duration in time:  
    • Pace:  
    • Planned stops (restaurant, coffee shop, picnic area, etc):  
    • Leader is: name, email address, mobile phone  

    Example of free text description of ride adding any special interest comments:

    "Sunday, April 28, 10:00 AM, Happy Trails Ride (35 mi.) on the multi-use Bitterroot Trail. Meet at Conoco in Lolo and ride the paved bike trail to Bass Creek Campground for a bring-your-own snack. Ride back to Florence for lunch at Café Firenze (great soup)."

    Submit your ride

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    Hey Mick, thanks for the offer. If this worked correctly both you and I should receive this comment as a notification from NB.

    Contact Us

    This form will allow you to send a secure email to our communications specialist. Your email address is not logged by this system, but will be attached to the message that is forwarded from this page. This message will be forwarded to the appropriate Board Member for a response to you. Let us know how we can help you enjoy riding in Western Montana.

    You can also reach us by US Mail at: Missoula Bicycle Club, P.O. Box 8903, Missoula, MT 59807.

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    This page will provide a list of resources that may be helpful with interacting with MBC.

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    Ride Leader Guidelines

    Consensus among the current MBC membership is that ride leaders are supposed to have fun too. So do what you can to make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride, but don’t let your role become a burden. Incorporate the following suggestions to the extent that they enhance safety and enjoyment; ignore them to the extent they don’t.

    1. Things you have to do.
      1. You have to be a member of MBC to lead a club ride.
      2. You have to show up (or get someone, a member, to cover for you) regardless of the weather.
    2. Things you really should do.
      1. Make sure you know how to get where you’re going, and share that information with the
      2. If your destination is a restaurant or a campground, call ahead to make sure they’re open.
      3. Tell everyone to obey state and local laws applicable to bikes on roadways.
      4. Ask everyone to introduce themselves; ask non-members to write their names and contact
        info on a list.
      5. Announce that first-timers are welcome but others need to be members of MBC.
      6. Ride at the back for the first few miles to make sure everyone is okay (mechanically,
        emotionally, and geographically).
    3. Things that are pretty important.
      1. Arrive early.
      2. Bring a pump, patch kit, tire levers, and basic tools.
      3. Ask everyone to let you know if they’re going off route or leaving the ride early.
      4. Group up at some point (fairly early on) to confirm everyone’s well-being.
    4. Things that are good ideas, but you won’t be faulted if you don’t do them.
      1. Scout the route in advance to make sure it’s passable
      2. Bring some MBC membership forms.
    5. Things that are beyond the call of duty, but some people have done them.
      1. Give everyone a map of the route.

    In general: you’re not their mom, but it was your idea to lead this ride—so be as helpful as you can.

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    By signing up for our mailing list you will receive emails on the topics you select below that you would like to hear about. We may occasionally add special topic categories so be sure to check back.

    In addition to signing up for our mailing list please consider becoming a member of MBC. Click here to learn more and become a member.

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    Meet the Board

    Board of Directors:

    Missoula Bicycle Club is an incorporated 501(c)3 corporation registered with the State of Montana and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit organziation. We have a members approved Bylaws and a volunteer board of directors elected by the members. Board members are elected for a one year term as are the officers of the board.

    2019 Board Members and Officers are:

    • June Siple - President and Membership Coordinator
    • Lech Szumera - Vice President
    • Jan Grant - Secretary
    • Mick Owens - Treasurer
    • Ray Johnson
    • Tim Marchant
    • Bob Wachtel - Webmaster
    • Kathleen Wills

    Newsletter - Open

Retired from the University of Montana at end of 2005. Currently board member and webmaster for Missoula Bicycle Club and Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance.