No member items for sale: Sold as of 7/20 Posted 7/12 "Burley Duet" tandem bicycle.

New Website Terms of Service including Password requirements

As of 5/18/2023 the MBC Board of Directors has adopted a website Terms of Service policy which is effective immediately. Please review this policy and agree to its provisions prior to using this website. As part of this new policy we are also requiring users of specific pages to establish and maintain a password protected account. These pages are indicated in our User Account Requirements Policy.

If you have not logged in to your personal account prior to attempting to access any of these pages, you will be taken to a log-in / create an account page. Please be sure to use an account name (email address) that you have used previously on our website to transact any business.

Legacy Gear Sale:

  • These legacy items from TOSRV West and many more are available for purchase.


Missoula Bicycle Club (MBC) is a member-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 1976 to promote bicycling in Western Montana. Prior to our name change, we were known as Missoulians on Bicycles, Inc. (MOBI).

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Please note: First-time riders may be our guests on one free ride to try out the club before joining. The trip leader will collect your name and contact information. Non-riding club events like meetings, potlucks, picnics, and other non-riding events sponsored by MBC are open to the public.

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You can view the Bylaws for the Missoula Bicycle Club here.

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