Become a member of the Missoula Bicycle Club!

Non-members may only ride in 1 MBC sponsored ride during each calendar year. You must be a member to participate in additional rides each calendar year.

Membership duration:

Memberships will be active from the date of payment until the end of the current calendar year, except that membership payments made on or after the first day of October of any year will be active through the end of the following calendar year. Renewals and new memberships can be paid in advance beginning October 1 of each year, providing you with membership rights from the time of payment through the next calendar year.

Membership Benefits:

As an Individual or College Student member you are entitled to go on club rides, be a ride leader, apply to become a member of the Board of Directors, and vote at members' meetings. You'll also be supporting our efforts to get more people riding their bikes in Western Montana!

Please select a Family membership if you are joining as a couple and/or have legally dependent minor children, under 18 years of age, occupying one residence. Adult members of a Family membership have all of the rights and responsibilities as Individual members. Minor children listed as members within a family will be counted as members and have the right to participate in events and rides when accompanied by a legally responsible adult.

After you complete your payment, you will be linked to a short membership survey "MBC Membership Details". Please complete it so we know which type of membership you desire. If you selected a Family membership please provide information about your spouse/partner and minor children, please include the birth year(s) of each individual. Regardless of how you pay we do not retain any of your financial information.

Membership Classes:

  • Individual -                $15.00/yr
  • Family -                      $20.00/yr
  • College Student - $10.00/yr
  • Business -                $35.00/yr

Payment Options:

  • To pay online - 
    • Select the payment Amount below to match your desired Membership Class.
      • If you would like to make a donation in addition to your membership fee, please visit our Donation page after completing your membership payment.
      • If the selected amount does not appear in the white box with the "$" or there are no payment options below the "Pay with", you must change your Cookie settings following the 5 numbered steps below. Otherwise skip to the next top level bullet point below.
        1. Find the CO icon (black circle with white letters) in the lower left corner and click on it. You will see your currently selected Cookie settings.
        2. Click on the "Change your consent" button and you will see the pop-up banner.
        3. Note your preferred selection, then select the "Allow all" button.
        4. Reload the page and you should get the complete payment processing page that should work.
        5. When done, if you want to revert to your previous selection of allowed cookies return to the CO icon and repeat the process selecting only those cookies you are willing to accept.
    • Check or leave blank the checkbox for “I’ll cover the processing fee - add it to my donation.”
    • When you see the “Pay with” option, select your preferred payment method.
    •  Fill in any blank information blocks; payment card number, expiration date, etc., name, address, etc.
    • Uncheck the checkbox “Send email updates” if you would like to not receive updates
    • Check or leave blank the checkbox for “Don't publish my donation on the website.” A check in the box means do NOT publish your name.
    •  then click on the "Process Payment" button.
  • To pay via check or money order - click here to access a membership form "MBC Membership Application.pdf". You can print directly from the new window to handwrite your information or download the fillable form to your device to complete prior to printing. Follow the instructions on the form to snail-mail it and your check or money order, made out to MBC, to us at PO Box 83, Missoula, MT 59806-0083.



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