Dear Creak Sneak Ride 4/27/2019

Post event report: 

5 riders enjoyed this ride with weather in the 40’s with quite a wind from the west after descending the major portion of Deer Creek grade. I was impressed with the view from the Milltown Dam Overlook park!

Ride stats as measured from the start point at Van Buren St Bridge: 1,053' elev gain, 18.2 miles, ride time=3'49", avg speed 5.0 mph.



Photo by Greg Siple

Pre-ride information:

Loosen up your winter-creaky bones with a trip around Sentinel and University Mountains.  Meet at the south end of the Van Buren Street bridge and ride at a slow pace (or wait for me!) to the Pattee Canyon picnic area (paved uphill) for a bring-your-own snack.  Finish the loop on the Deer Creek Road (gravel downhill) and Kim Williams trail (gravel). 

  • Date: Saturday, 4/27/2019
  • Start time: 10:00 AM
  • Gathering place: south end of the Van Buren Street bridge
  • Distance in miles: 19
  • Pace: Slow
  • Planned stops: Pattee Canyon picnic area
  • Leader: Jack Scholl, (269) 343-6320, [email protected]

We invite anyone to join us and discover the joy of riding with a companionable group of like minded bicyclists. Due to insurance concerns, members can ride as often as they like and first time participants will be warmly welcomed. If you would like to continue riding with us during the 2019 biking season, please become a member.

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