Miller Creek Road Loop 7/13/2019

Post event report:

6 riders started at the Van Buren Street bike/pedestrian bridge at 9:00 am on a warm Saturday. We rode west on the Milwaukee trail to the Bitterroot Trail and proceeded south on the Bitterroot Trail to the Miller Creek / Highway 93 intersection. We proceeded south on Miller Creek Road to the round-a-bout and up Upper Miller Creek Road. One rider rode part way up and decided to meet the rest at the outer intersection of Upper and Lower Miller Creek roads. The other 5 riders continued up Upper Miller Creek and arrived at the outer junction where they awaited the arrival of the 6th rider.

On the return we made a brief refreshment stop at Maloney Ranch Park. After continuing from the stop we continued north on Miller Creek Road. Two riders broke off around the north end of Miller Creek Road while the remaining 4 riders continued to The Big Dipper for additional replenishment before continuing to their next destinations.

Pre-ride information:

Gather at the Missoula Chamber of Commerce building, 825 E. Front St., adjacent to Eastgate Shopping Center, at 9 am on Saturday, July 13 to bike the Milwaukee and Bitterroot Trails to Miller Creek Road. We will ride the Upper road outbound and Lower road inbound. Bring a roadside snack – we may also stop at the Big Dipper (631 S. Higgins) on our return for a cone, soon after they open at 11 am. Slow-moderate pace, 11-13 mph.. NOTE – there is about 2 miles of packed gravel on the Lower road.

  • Ride name:  Miller Creek Road Loop ride
  • Date:  July 13, 2019
  • Start time:  9:00 AM
  • Gathering place: Missoula Chamber of Commerce, 825 E. Front St.
  • Distance in miles:  25
  • Duration in time:  2.5 hours
  • Pace:  Slow-moderate pace, 11-13 mph.
  • Planned stops: Big Dipper 
  • Leader is: Jack Scholl, [email protected], phone: (269) 343-6320 

We invite anyone to join us and discover the joy of riding with a companionable group of like minded bicyclists. Due to insurance concerns, members can ride as often as they like and first time participants will be warmly welcomed. If you would like to continue riding with us during the 2019 biking season you must be a member.


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