Greg's Gravel Grind 06/26/2021

Post event report:

Ten riders traveled the Kim Williams trail east of Missoula and rode the loop around Canyon River golf course on the gravel border trail, to Deer Creek road, where half the group took a cow path to a point under the Milltown Reclamation Site overlook - and half rode the short, steep grade up to the overlook.  On the return, there was (yes!) a Bear spotted where the Smokejumpers Trail climbs to the ridgetop between Sentinel and University Mountains.  Temperature and wind (hardly any) were perfect!




Pre-ride Information

Greg's Gravel Grind

 If you want to learn a little bit about riding off the pavement this could be the ride for you.  Mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and city bikes will work just fine. Traditional road style bikes will probably want to have at least 28mm or greater than 1 inch size tires. This is a relatively flat slow paced ride of about 10-12 miles (2 hr) along the Kim Trail and around the Canyon River golf course on city/county trails. 90% of the ride will be on gravel surfaces. There are restrooms available about 200 yards East of the Higgins Bridge. No food stops are available on the trail, but after the finish the Saturday Farmers Market at Caras Park will be in full swing. This is a no drop ride so we will be stopping at key turns along the route to regroup. Bear Spray is not required but highly recommended. I have never seen a bear along this ride, but there was a bear by the Orange Street Market, Sacajawea Park, down Woodford St. to the University this Spring.  If you are up for a challenge there is an optional steep short hill climb up to the Milltown overlook, or a short optional ride thru a field on a path to the Milltown tunnel that is flat. This ride is designed to give people a taste of off the pavement riding.

Ride name:  Greg's Gravel Grind

  • Date:  6/26/2021
  • Start time:  9:15 AM
  • Gathering place:  Parking lot east of Boone and Crockett Club, Missoula, MT 
  • Distance in miles:  10-12
  • Duration in time:  2 hours 
  • Pace:  slow
  • Planned stops: Bottom of Deer Creek Road  
  • Leader is: Greg Hejtmanek, [email protected], (808) 258-9016

We invite anyone to join us and discover the joy of riding with a companionable group of like minded bicyclists. Due to insurance concerns, members can ride as often as they like and first time participants will be warmly welcomed. If you would like to continue riding with us during the 2021 biking season you must be a member.

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