O'Brien Creek Spin (Fall version) 9/18/2021

Post event report:

Seven riders completed the trip from the Regional Park to the mountain meadow on O'Brien Creek on a cool, dry day.  This was a repeat of the July ride, when only two of seven continued beyond the gate after the roughest section of gravel - the gated portion of the route is much easier.  This trip was mentioned as a possible overnight ride with tents, as water is available (at least it was on this early-fall day).


Pre-Ride Information

Take a short sojourn up to the mountain meadow on O’Brien Creek. Meet at the Bella Vista (newer) Pavilion in the west portion of Fort Missoula Regional Park for an up-and-back ride, partly paved and partly easy single-track gravel/dirt.  The last mile-and-a-half beyond the gate are hard-packed dirt.  We’ll stop at the halfway point for a bring-your-own snack.

  • Date: September 18, 2021
  • Start time: 10:00 am
  • Gathering Place: Bella Vista Pavilion at Fort Missoula Regional Park
  • Distance in miles: 17
  • Pace: Slow
  • Planned Stop: Mountain meadow near end of O'Brien Creek Road
  • Leader: Jackson Scholl: (269) 343-6320, jack.scholl@ gmail.com

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