Milltown Tunnel Ride 5/14/2022 - Report

Post event report:

Eight riders joined Greg Hejtmanek for this ride along the Milwaukee Trail east around the Canyon River Golf Course to Deer Creek Road. We turned off of Deer Creek at the new road and parking area leading to the old Tunnel 13 1/2. Milt Clark provided some interesting history as to how this tunnel got its name. After this short stop at the gated tunnel entrance some riders opted to proceed up to the overlook for the view down to the confluence of the Blackfoot River and the Clark Fork river. We then regrouped and returned to the Boone and Crocket club parking area.

We had great spring weather on a sunny day. Travel was on mixed paved and gravel with the section of the Milwaukee Trail through the Kim Williams Nature area being particularly rough.

photo by Carl Ammonsphoto by Carl Ammons

Pre-ride information:

Meet under the Higgins Bridge (now Beartracks Bridge)

This is a family paced ride down the Kim Williams Trail, around the Canyon River golf course and to the new section of the Milltown Park Trail to the old railroad tunnel and back. The distance is around 12 miles ( say 2 hours with a stop at the river overview). I have not seen any this year but there a few local black bears known to frequent this area so Bear Spray is not a bad idea.

This is a pretty casual ride but the track is mostly gravel so a mountain bike, cyclocross bike, gravel bike or any bike with 35mm tire width is recommended.

There is a bathroom at the start and almost to the turn around that may or may not be open. The only stop is the turn around overlook and brief stops to regroup at the very few turns. There will be about a mile of pavement on Deer Creek road but most of the ride is on bike trails.

Ride name:  Milltown Tunnel Ride
Date: 5/14/2022
Start time: 10:00 AM
Gathering place: Boone and Crockett Club parking lot
Distance in miles: 12
Pace:  Slow to Moderate
Planned stops: River overview
Leader: Greg Hejtmanek

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