MBC UM Retirees' Assoc. ride 03/07/2023

Post event report:

Bob and one other rider gathered at Silver Park for the inaugural MBC / UM Retirees' Association's biking group ride. While we had only 2 riders for this inaugural ride we enjoyed the time on our bikes checking one the UMRA bike riders favorite route. As planned we rode primarily on the Bitterroot and Milwaukee trails bypassing a couple of known icy spots on North Ave where it crosses the irrigation ditch and between Juneau Ct. and Quinn Ct. where a short single track allows a connection minimizing the time spent on 3rd St.

We rode this 11.6 mile route at a slow pace working on getting any of the remaining kinks out of our muscles while looking forward to warmer rides with more UM retirees and any other MBC members who would like to join these slow to moderate pace social rides.

Pre-ride information:

Are you ready to get the wheels rolling again? I will be at our previous regular starting location by 1:15 to begin check-in of the warmly dressed courageous riders for this first of the season ride around our Fort Loop. We will try to leave Silver Park as soon after 1:30 PM as possible. As an early season ride and to accommodate our retired riders who want to enjoy a slow paced ride we will be riding at a pace comfortable for our slowest riders. No one will be left behind. Our Fort Loop is basically flat except for the Reserve St. overpass bridge. We will be riding primarily on the Bitterroot Trail and the Milwaukee Trail with Post Siding Rd., Clements Rd., and a short section of 3rd St. as connectors.

While this ride is targeted towards UM Retirees, it is open to any MBC member. Please remember that these will be slow to moderate pace and minimal elevation change. Please RSVP if you’re considering joining the ride so that you will be provided the leader's contact information and can be informed of any late-breaking changes (e.g., weather-related cancellation).

In order to relieve the UM retirees ride leader of some concerns regarding liability issues that have not been addressed by the UMRA or the University, MBC has agreed to provide these rides as Missoula Bicycle Club sponsored rides. Please read the "Rider requirements and responsibilities:" below. You will be receiving email notifications of upcoming rides addressed from my MBC email address.

  • Ride name:  UM Retirees Ride 03/07/2023
  • Date: March 7, 2023
  • Start time: 1:30 PM
  • Gathering place: Silver Park east parking lot near the ball park
  • Distance in miles: 
  • Pace:  Slow to Moderate
  • Planned stops: Fort Missoula - Large pavilion
  • Leader: name - leader contact information will be provided in the autoresponse email you will receive after you RSVP below.

We invite anyone to join us and discover the joy of riding with a companionable group of like minded bicyclists. Our insurance requires that all participants sign a waiver. Members may participate in MBC rides as often as they like after signing a waiver that covers the entire year. First-time participants may try out MBC as a guest on a ride with us and will be warmly welcomed, then must join to go on any future rides. If you would like to continue riding with us during the 2023 biking season please become a member.

Rider requirements and responsibilities:

  • A helmet is required for all participants.
  • All participants will be asked to sign an acknowledgement of risk (once per calendar year).
  • Riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or person with an authorized parental waiver dated for the specific ride.
  • All participants must check-in with the ride leader.
  • While we are riding as a group, each individual rider is responsible for complying with all traffic regulations as an independent vehicle operator.
  • Show courtesy and respect the Rights of Others by:
    • projecting a good public image and encourage responsible riding;
    • exhibiting considerate behavior towards other riders, pedestrians, motorists and the public showing respect, courtesy, responsibility and due regard for the rights of others.
    • avoiding confrontations and report incidents to the police as appropriate.
    • avoiding language that is obscene, insulting or threatening, even when provoked.
  • For safety the use of earbuds or headphones while on a group ride is discouraged.
  • For safety the use of "Aero bars" while on a group ride is discouraged.
  • Due to continuing COVID-19 considerations please bring a face mask for times when we may not be able to maintain safe distances. We will also be maintaining appropriate distances between riders during the ride.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - E-Bike restrictions on Missoula Bicycle Club rides:

We will welcome e-bike users to participate in MBC events as long as the e-bike is what is  a Class 1 e-bike. Class 1 e-bikes will engage the electric motor only when the bike is being pedaled by the rider and will disengage the electric motor when the speed exceeds 20 miles per hour. If your e-bike does not meet these qualifications, do not bring it to an MBC ride. You can review or complete policy definition "Definition of Vehicles Permitted in MBC Sponsored Events" using the preceding link.

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