Big Dipper to Dairy Queen 2/17/2024 Ride Report

Post event report:

As the 4 warmly dressed riders gathered at the Big Dipper on Higgins, we discuussed the options provided and agreed on the 14 mile long Big Dipper to Dairy Queen ride. With a beginning temperature around 24 F. we all started out with a high cadence to build up some body heat to keep us warm on this chilly but sunny afternoon.

Interestingly between the 4 riders we had a sampling of 4 different bike styles; a road bike, a commuter, a cross bike, and a fat tire bike. All riders were comfortable with their choice of ride and enjoyed the moderate pace average of 11.5 mph.

Upon arrival at the Dairy Queen on S. Higgins we each enjoyed our favorite treat.


Photos by D. Mayer

Statistics via Strava: Distance: 14 mi, Riding Time: 1 hr. 20 min., Elevation gain: 113 ft.

Pre-ride information:

UPDATE 2/15 9:30 AM:

Given the recent change in the forecast for Saturday with colder than previously anticipated temperatures, there is a recommendation that we plan to ride the 8 mile route, option 2 below. We will make a final decision on Saturday as we gather at the Big Dipper for the 1:30 start time.

Happy Valentines season! Join fellow bicyclists for our traditional Big Dipper to Dairy Queen Spring ride. This will be a moderately slow ride depending on weather and travel conditions. This is a good time to check out any issues with your bike before starting the 2024 riding season. All riders should be aware of the prevailing travel conditions and prepare appropriately. As of this writing, February is being forecast to be on the warmer than normal side with the current high for Saturday forecast at 39 F. and partly sunny. Also there does not seem to be much likelihood of additional snow or ice build up for Saturday.

We will gather in the Big Dipper parking lot on Higgins Ave. Please arrive early to check in with the ride leader. We will start the ride promptly at 1:30 PM. During the gathering time you will be asked to sign a one time liability release form that will be in effect for the 2024 season. We will also be taking attendance to maintain our record of riders. There are 4 alternate routes from which one will be selected at the time of the ride. All routes are on paved multi-use trails or streets.

Please see the map of the proposed options; Option 1 - 13 miles, Option 2 - 8 Miles, Option 3 - 7.5 miles, Option 4 - 3.75 miles. If the map does not appear below click here. In the upper left corner of the map page use the square with small arrow to open the legend to be able to turn the route options off and on. Depending on snow and ice there may be minor modifications to the routes at the time of the ride.

Please RSVP if you’re considering joining the ride so that you will be provided the leader's contact information and can be informed of any late-breaking changes (e.g., weather-related cancellation).

  • Ride name: MBC Big Dipper to Dairy Queen (the long way) 
  • Date: 2/17/2024
  • Start time: 1:30 PM starting time.
  • Gathering place: Big Dipper on Higgins Ave. parking lot
  • Distance in miles: Option 1 - 14 miles, Option 2 - 8 miles
  • Pace:  Slow to Moderate
  • Planned stops: Option 1 - possible brief stop at Fort Missoula Regional Park
  • Leader:  leader contact information will be provided in the autoresponse email you will receive after you RSVP below.

Map URL address or the map may appear below. If the map does not appear click here. Then in the upper left corner of the map page use the square with small arrow to open the legend to be able to turn the route options off and on. You can also expand the map into a new window for a larger view.

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