O'Brien Creek Spin - 7/17/2021

Post-event report

Six riders started from the Bella Vista Pavilion and rode all but the last mile and a half up O'Brien Creek Road; one rider opted to return at the end of pavement. The last stretch of gravel before a vehicle gate is quite rough, and the leader (who had scouted the ride more than a month previous) had forgotten that the stretch to the mountain meadow is a fairly smooth, gradual climb.  Only the leader and one other rider opted to continue to the planned ride endpoint.  We will re-visit this ride at a later date, keeping in mind the much better surface at the end!

Pre-ride information

Take a short sojourn up to the mountain meadow on O’Brien Creek. Meet at the Bella Vista (newer) Pavilion in the west portion of Fort Missoula Regional Park for an up-and-back ride, partly paved and partly easy single-track gravel/dirt. We’ll stop at the halfway point for a bring-your-own snack.

Please RSVP below so that the leader can contact you if there are any late changes.

We invite anyone to join us and discover the joy of riding with a companionable group of like minded bicyclists. Due to insurance policy requirements, members can ride as often as they like and first time participants may join after this ride on our website. If you would like to continue riding with us during the 2021 biking season you must become a member.

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